Water of the highest quality standards

consistently provided in volumes that can sustain your businesS


Over 500,000,000 gallons Available Annually, of Sustainable high quality WATER for your business


“Clean” water is rapidly becoming a serious concern for businesses throughout the United States. The Huron Regional Water Authority has made major investments in infrastructure, so that they can generate both high quality and high volumes of “clean” water.

The objective of the Huron Regional Water Task Force is to create awareness throughout the United States that the Port Austin and Bad Axe area have a tremendous asset in its sustainable resource of “high” quality water,  with infrastructure that has excess capacity of more than half a billion gallons annually for new business ventures into our area. In addition to “clean” water, our area has many other attributes that can help you succeed regardless of whether you are a “start-up” or established business. 


In the Great Lakes system there are approximately 6 quadrillion gallons of fresh water!

That’s one-fifth of the world's fresh surface water, 95% of the U.S. supply, and 84% of the surface water in North America, all at our front door.

Sourced directly from the fifth largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Huron, the Huron Regional Water System has a continuous, sustainable supply of water ready to serve. 

Need Water?

Our community is searching for businesses that need water such as those in beverage and water bottling, greenhouses, food processors, and agricultural industries among others. From the waterfront community of Port Austin, which has recently seen a surge in business activity, to the open countryside, to the commercial center of the county in Bad Axe, we have a location for your business with plenty of water that will meet your needs. 

The Port Austin/Bad Axe Corridor, located in the Upper Thumb area of Michigan, is the focal point for attracting new businesses to our region. The Huron Regional Water Task Force is acting as the central clearing house for businesses who need additional information on water opportunities in our area.