We have high quality, sustainable, competitively priced water.




Our water is of the highest quality in Michigan. Because our water originates from crystal clear Lake Huron, minimum treatment is required. We meet all requirements established by the Michigan Department of Natural Resource for “clean” water as documented in Huron Regional Water Quality Reports. 




Water treated by the Huron Regional Water Authority comes from Lake Huron, part of the Great Lakes Basin. In the Great Lakes there are approximately six quadrillion gallons of water, the largest surface fresh water system on the Earth. This system contains 84% of the surface water in North America. Sourced directly from Lake Huron, the fifth largest freshwater lake in the world, the Huron Regional Water System has a continuous, sustainable supply of fresh water ready to serve your business.


The Huron Regional Water Authority has one of the newest treatment plants in Michigan. Our world class plant was constructed in 2005 with three filtration units, with the ability to add two more units that would increase our capacity to treat more than a billion gallons of water annually.  The efficiency of the modern plant, which uses fresh Great Lakes water, minimizes the treatment costs overall.


Competitively Priced