Although our water is a tremendous asset, our region provides other critical benefits to businesses operating in our area.



Our area offers businesses the opportunity to ship or receive products or parts by truck, rail, water, and air. Less than 100 miles from Metropolitan Detroit, trucking is the most common used mode of transportation, however rail services are also available. We are within 90 miles of maritime docks and the Canadian border, for businesses that require shipping to/from both domestic and foreign markets. Bad Axe also has an airport that has a runway large enough for small jets.



  • Sustainable energy
  • Reliable gas and electric
  • Modern fiber optics networks
  • Well maintained roads
  • Airport
  • Several modern hospitals
  • State Harbor
  • Numerous schools of choice


Huron Tool & Engineering


Our county has a diverse workforce with expertise in both manufacturing and agriculture. We are home to numerous manufacturing facilities including automotive, tool and die, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Our rural community also is known for producing sugar beets, corn, and soy beans, in addition to our livestock farms. 


Grants / Tax Incentives

Local government understands the importance of bringing new business into our area, in order to provide a greater diversity of jobs. We understand the value of new businesses and the jobs they can provide, and therefore we work closely with the Huron County and Michigan Economic Development Corporations on programs to incentivize business investment. 


Real Estate

There are a wide variety of real estate opportunities in the Port Austin/Bad Axe Corridor. We have high profile, coastal tourism locations, as well as more traditional industrial parks.

Port Austin Aerial 2.JPG


Recruiting and retaining qualified employees continues to be important for businesses today. Although some of the workforce prefer the glitter of the city, there are also many that would prefer living in or near coastal and country communities. We have blue skies, green space, outdoor adventure and even a Dark Sky preserve, with over 90 miles of shoreline for swimming, fishing, and campfires. Our neighborhoods provide excellent schools, including a world class technical center, with numerous churches and community centers. 

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