Water Task Force

The Huron Regional Water Task Force was established to design a solution for the volume of water available in the system. Made up of representatives from Port Austin and Bad Axe, we have been tasked with creating discussions with new water users to bring investment into the community. The Task Force is a solutions driven team of professionals looking for the ideal fit, that company that requires one of the most valuable resources on the planet and one that is interested in living in our beautiful area. 



We are focused on creating relationships with new businesses that require water as a key component in their business. This relationship, based on mutual respect, will help us find the right businesses for our communities. 


Current Operations

The Huron Regional Water Authority and the Water Task Force are lean organizations that are focused on providing the best service at the lowest possible cost. By working as a team with our business partners, current and future, we can provide cost effective solutions to your water needs.



In the mid 1990’s, the City of Bad Axe and the Village of Port Austin were both facing unique challenges to provide citizens with high quality clean drinking water. To address these challenges, the two communities came together to form a regional water system.

In 2002, the Huron Regional Water Authority was formed to oversee the water improvement project to develop a new, state-of-the-art water production system between the two communities. With the help of USDA Rural Development and the EPA, the funding was put together to move this project forward.

The first segment (Shared Facilities) consisted of the water treatment plant and the peripheral support systems including the transmission line to the first booster station. The second segment (Separate Facilities) consisted of the three booster stations, transmission main for the first station to the City of Bad Axe, a water tower located west of the City of Bad Axe and the support systems that go along with these units.

A management agreement between the two entities established the authority. The board of directors consists of two members representing each entity and two alternates, one from each entity. The board has four officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The members serve a two-year term each with the terms staggered to allow each entity to have one position needing reappointment each year.