Ok, who doesn't like breweries and distilleries!? They make our hearts happy and bring joy to where we live, work and play. 

You are also a business that needs things to operate. We have one of the biggies, water. We can get you over 500,000,000 gallons of lake water annually so you can make our hearts happy. 



The story is simple we can provide high quality water on a consistent basis. Period. No rationing, no droughts, clean consistent water. If you need a chemical analysis to make sure it's right for you let us know and we can get it over to you. But water is our strong point, it's our story. We can play in it, sail on it but we can drink it too. 


Waste. Didn't see that one coming did you? We know that the waste stream from a brewery or distillery can play havoc with a treatment system. But we can work with you to manage it in creative ways that can provide a solution that is right for your company. We could feed the solids to some of the local dairy cows, and make happy milk. We could land apply it so we have happy veggies and fruit. Each solution will be different but will reflect our willingness and ability to look out of the box so it makes sense for you and or us. 

The Story

Yes, we have all heard about the gritty beer maker who brews downtown and is cool. But we don't have grit. We have water and sunshine, (ok we have butterflies too, but not unicorns, never unicorns!) We have the Great Lakes basin carved by glaciers thousands of years ago and small towns that are close to our city neighbors. So you can brew and distill all winter when it is dark and cold, but you can sell in the summer, with our friends at one of the top ten farmers markets in the state. We have Bad Axe and Grindstone City. Dark Skies and a lighthouse all rolled together. The story is ours and it could be yours.