The Huron County Water Task Force understands the crucial role that water plays for businesses, but also that there are many other important factors that can make or break a business. This is why we are dedicated to helping you not only find a sustainable water supply in Huron County, but also a location and the tools to help you build and grow your new business venture.

The upper Thumb area, in particular, the Port Austin to Bad Axe corridor is a focal point for business development in the region. The Huron Regional Water Authority is the central clearing house for the business community seeking to expand and grow their water related business in Michigan. Many communities will talk about the infrastructure how they can work to deliver it to the host site, but our pipe is in the ground and ready to deliver the resource for your business.  

With ample real estate to select from, the corridor has a site ready for you. Plus, one of the advantages of our area is that all of the community leaders, elected officials are a phone call away. You can actually pick up the phone and get the mayor, DPW supervisor or the city manager. How many other communities can say that!

Power is provided by DTE Energy and natural gas by Consumers Energy. And since every business is now knowledge and data driven, lets talk about our broadband infrastructure. We actually have two fiber network providers in both communities Air Advantage and Agri-Valley Communications. Their networks are proof that we are one of the most fiber rich rural counties in the state of Michigan.  

We, could go on, but you get the idea. Each of these layers are a solid foundation for business growth in the area. Added together they are a convincing case to bring your business here.


Real Estate

There is a wide variety of real estate available to you. If you need a high profile location next to a thriving tourism community, we have it. If you need a more traditional industrial park, Bad Axe is your place. (and yes, that is a real place, look it up!) Let us know how we can be your place and we will bend over backwards to get you here.


Reliable Internet

Ok, we have already talked about the fiber network that we have. The cool thing is that because we are small town, you in-fact can pick up the phone and get the president of the company on the phone. If you are here, you know people, the people that make things happen. That includes 28 strand (not sure about this fact) fiber runs that cover the area. And one of them, provides a local cell phone network in the Thumb area with a tie to the Verizon fiber backbone, so you can have seamless commutation.


Grants / Tax Incentives

Everyone's favorite subject. There are incentives available for business expansions. Each one has its own rules and requirement, so listing all of them here would be an endless litany of items that might change tomorrow. Instead, we should talk, early, to try and maximize all of the incentives, whether they are tax abatements on your buildings, job training programs or state incentives. They earlier we get started the better, so call.