We are Michigan, so of course we build things. Bad Axe and Port Austin are not much different, but we have a slightly different approach.

We just do shit. Seriously. We make stuff in the shed out back, in the basement, in the garage. Our folks have skills. And we have space. So if you need a bit of our space, let us know and we can see what fits. 



I feel like I am beating a dead horse here, but if your company has a need for water, this is your place. We have access to over 500,000,000 gallons of treated water per year, we can satisfy your thirst. Today and everyday, because, we have access to the great lakes basin. If you are not sure if the water will fit your processes, we can provide you with an analysis so that you know what you are getting. 


Small is beautiful. We hear press reports about companies creating hundreds of jobs in cities around the state. But these are in large cities where you get lost in the bureaucrats desk drawer never to be heard from again. We offer personal service the first time, every time. We are also looking for small companies to match our small communities. Artisan producers, craft manufacturing, makers and artists. All are welcome.


We talk about it, but here we have it. You can be working on a new design with your team 10,000 miles away with our fiber networks and then, 15 minutes later, you can be on the beach getting into your kayak for a trip along the shore. We have a balance, an approach to life that lets us enjoy the small things that add up to a full life.