The businesses that we are focusing on are those that could and would utilize one of the most valuable of natural resources: water. The Huron Regional Water Authority is charged with managing the provision of water to the Port Austin and Bad Axe communities. When the water system was built there were projections that called for the creation of a water system that could deliver 500,000,000 gallons to those communities annually.

Well... those were not good projections! The system is currently operating at about 18% which leaves us with about 410,000,000 gallons extra capacity. Some people would say, ouch. We say, this is an opportunity for you to tap into this Great Lakes resource at a reasonable rate. Today. Now.

So we are looking to partner with those industries that use water; beer & distillers, beverage packaging companies, greenhouses, food processing, and livestock operations among others.

As you can see, it is a diverse set of companies and industries, but we are a large area. From the waterfront community of Port Austin, which has recently seen a surge in business activity, to the open country-side, to the City of Bad Axe, the commercial center of the Thumb, we have a place for your business.

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